Piraeus Port - details and images

Piraeus Port covers a distance of 8 kilometers southwest of the Acropolis, hence leaving many Greek ferry links.

Piraeus is composed of three ports of the "Grand Port" is the largest is located in the west. From here go all large ships. Half a mile to the east, by a hill, lies the port of Zea, which is more a yacht port, but the starting point for many excursions to the islands. The last port is Flisvos, 7 miles east of Zea, and is a port for sightseeing. Piraeus Port is a commercial port and therefore will not find too many restaurants and hotels in port.

Piraeus is one of the most important commercial ports in the Mediterranean. Port area is considered an industrial area with an economy of particular importance in Greece, with other streets, large squares, streets and parks with three bands.

Metro: Piraeus station

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