Pit Ruginoasa - details and images

Ruginoasa pit is a very special phenomenon. It is a huge ravinare dug up the ridge to the south ridge that closes the Dry Valley, the depth of 100 m and a diameter of 600 m. Throughout its surface, a process of erosion has removed the day coartite strata, whose purplish-red color gives the area a very special issue, it appeared from a distance as large open wound in the body of the mountain.
Interestingly, erosion works very active today, digging regressive and rapidly increasing size of the pit Ruginoasa. Moreover, following the old maps, it is found that erosion has advanced rapidly with a tremendous speed, place 80 years ago marked not only by a very small vaiuga.
Today Pit rust appearance that suggests a fantastic corner of Colorado Canyon is a true laboratory morphology.

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