Planetarium Baia Mare - details and images

Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory in Baia Mare are organized on an area of 350 hectares, with useful space:
- dome Planetarium Projector (8 m diameter dome and a capacity of 100 seats) are made demonstrations with ZKP-star projector 1
- astronomical observatory with a circular hallway around the room observer is organized exhibitions and cultural activities - educational
- Hall Observatory and Planetarium lobby is organized permanent exhibition "The Universe in the Third Millennium"
- multipurpose hall "Gavril Tomoiagă" - room conference performances (100 seats) are also organized educational activities (workshop video and multimedia projection room) and hosts a permanent exhibition from May 18, 2010 "Solar System".

Astromstore is organized in the entrance hall, starting in late 2009 and sells consignment telescopes, binoculars, star charts, postcards and bookmarks 3D posters, posters and other publications.

In court Planetarium is organized around monthly frequency, or to highlight certain astronomical phenomena, astronomical observations.

Planetarium Baia Mare has a heritage and a valuable collection of astronomy-themed stamps and "man in outer space", which includes nearly 700 albums philatelic stamps and was conducted by a renowned philatelist and avid astronomy city of Baia Mare, Prof. Aurel Wicks . Our planetarium is a beautiful figure in the virtual universe.

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