Port Aventura - details and images

Port Aventura theme park is the first created by Universal Studios in Europe 10 years ago. Located on the Daurada Coast, specifically in Salou resort in eastern Spain, is the largest park on our continent and the second in the world.

Surface of over 34,000 square meters, is divided into five areas: calm Mediterranean, exotic Polynesia, millennial China, Mexico colorful and last but not least, the impressive Wild West.

Over 30 ways to travel, 100 daily shows, various shops and 75 restaurants with different requirements are just a few of the many reasons for that should arrive in Port Aventura.

Once in resort you have two possibilities to get to Port Aventura: the train put at your disposal for this purpose or, if you hurry, take a taxi. Both are easily accessible.

The park is open 298 days a year, being the busiest period between 18.06-11.09, when the park closes its gates at midnight.

At the entrance there is a genuine Mediterranean Catalan city. It is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, a place where you are free to explore the beach or take a boat ride.

Polynesia is the next area: here walk through the jungle and discover paradise. Meet exotic birds with which "Polynesians" done amazing performances. In the Oceanic Institute, you will be able to accompany Captain Algae in one of its most dangerous missions.

One of the main attractions of this area is the "Tutuki Splash", an impressive boat trip through the rocks, with a steep descent from the top of a volcano straight into a lake.

It is noted that in some places access is based on the height of visitors, the minimum limit is 1.20 m. There is no exception to the rule, at each entrance to such a person sitting on Children's measures. All this is done for the safety of all who come here, so noted otherwise, all over the park, with warnings such as: cardiac smoking, those with respiratory problems and pregnant women.

China is where the meeting will give the two most important elements of Chinese culture: the dragons and the Great Wall. The most acclaimed attractions of the park, which is both visible and most of all, it is called Dragon Khan roller coaster is a giant, which shows eight inversions or loops and the speed you reach, if you have the courage getting on it, is up to 65 km / h. Here you will enjoy amazing image of temples, the performances of acrobatics and magic held at the temple Jing Chou.

MEXICO: Mayan jungle and contagious joy of "Mexicans" will not leave indifferent. The sensations experienced here are unique. For example, in "Temple of Fire" chain are held surprises: you will gradually be surrounded by flames, leaving even the ceiling, the smoke will choke, will suddenly appear in front of some fierce mummies, and finally platform where you are with other people will begin to move strongly, as if shaken by an unseen hand.
Everything seems so real, so in the end, no it will come to believe it was nothing but a farce.

Another point of great interest is the "El Diablo" or "train of mine," whose wooden structure is very interesting, but at first glance do not have too much confidence. This is only an appearance, because everything is carefully checked and controlled.

Wild West seems most accomplished. Atmosphere will make you feel the character in a western. Professionalism of those who thought him and put into practice is indisputable. The most interesting creations are "The Silver River flume" and "The Grand Canyon Rapids. There are two crazy race that can not be easily described in words, all you could say the end is soaked wet, is: wow!

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