Praid Salt - details and images

Situated 10 km from Sovata Resort in Harghita county, salt mine is one of the largest salt mines in the country and Europe, exploiting them for centuries constituted a source of income for locals, many of them now working in the mine. With an elliptical shape of the deposit has a diameter of 1.2 to 1.4 km and a depth of 2700 meters, with reserves of almost 500 years, a real treasure for the economy of Transylvania. The massive exploitation of salt have been left large underground halls, where a microclimate of salt individualized, with relatively constant temperatures between 14 to 16 0C, low humidity and pressure 66-70% higher than the average area of 735 - 738 mm Hg.

In the heart of the salt mountain by bus, through a tunnel 1,500 feet long, then access to the mine is going down 300 steep steps and in front of your eyes is a real underground town, 120 meters deep. Air is highly ionized, very effective in the treatment respiratorii.Tratamentele are under the supervision of a medical team who support and breathing gymnastics programs chosen for each disease separately. Basically, the treatment includes breathing air in the mine, and for good results, it requires about 18 days spend at least 4 hours a day in mine.

The first level, one for tourists, spans 1,300 meters and one who comes here is part of all comfort: treatment facilities, cafes, pool, library, entertainment places and even a retired gallery where people can pray. Salt Chapel was built in 1993. Since then, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday sermons for the Orthodox, Catholic and Reformed. There is also a salt mine museum, library and even a wine gallery, where you can enjoy all sorts of potions. Temperature at any time of year, the mine is 16 degrees Celsius.

During the summer season, the number of people visiting the mine and patients who are treated here, the figure reaches 2500-3000/zi.

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