Princes Palace - details and images

Located near Alba Iulia Roman Catholic Cathedral, the main palace was built in the fifteenth century. It plays a residence of the princes of Transylvania, as amended and extended in the sixteenth century the seventeenth century.

It was a princely residence of the XVI century, and for a short period of 11 months in the years 1599 and 1600, the building served as residence of Prince Michael the Brave.

The building was severely damaged by Turks and Tartars during the great invasion of 1658 and 1662. Main palace was turned into barracks after the conquest of Transylvania by the Habsburg Empire, remaining with that status for three centuries. Princely Palace was described in foreign chronicles of the time, a very luxurious building, decorated with frescoes and marble stairs. Building is representative for the Transylvanian space and in terms of architectural styles being found in Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

Palace that served as the residence of Prince Michael the Brave between 1599 and 1600, was considered as an objective the center of luxury in Transylvania.

"Five centuries of existence for the Palace of the Princes of Transylvania, built around a series of courtyards, in the sixteenth century, with alterations, renovations and additions to the eighteenth century. The building originally served as the episcopal palace after 1541, Bishop's Palace is home of Queen Isabella and her son John Sigismund, and after the secularization of the church (1556), changes in residence of the princes of Transylvania, for a period of almost A century and a half (1699).

Currently, the building was included in a restoration project and will be reclaimed public!

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