Prison Doftana - details and images

Doftana is the name of a famous prisons in Romania, located in the area Telega, Prahova county. Prison building was opened in 1895 and was used until 1960 for the incarceration of political prisoners with common law prisoners.

Doftana story start in 1892, when the ocnaşii were brought by train or van. The prison was built five wings, each with its own patio. One of them, called the H, was made for torture, and here were the most dangerous of all prison inmates. If there were beds in the other wings and tables were not only in H area metal pipes, which were tied in zeghe people, and a barrel for the needs in the middle of the cell. From Prison Doftana failed to run anyone, ever. It was later converted into a museum. After 1990, lack of funds, it was abandoned.

At Doftana were imprisoned, among others: George Apostol, communist, Nicolae Ceausescu, the communist, Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, communist, Max Goldstein, an anarchist, Emil Bodnaras communist; Corneliu Codreanu, the Iron Guard, Stefan Foris, communist, Gheorghe Gheorghiu- Dej, communist, Alexander Moghioros, communist, Gheorghe Pintilie, communist, Gregory Priestess, Horia Sima, Legionnaire, Richard Wurmbrand, a pastor, Chivu Stoica, communist, Rudolf Brandsch Democrat.

The prison currently serves as a paintball field.

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