Psychro Cave - details and images

Psychro is 1,025 meters above sea level. The cave is located in Lasithi Prefecture. The lower cave falls steeply with traces of a staircase cut into the rock towards a pool, from which stalactites rise. The mud from the edge of the underground basin was also rich, statues of two types, male and female stones and engraved stones, were found. "
In 1961, art historian and archaeologist John Boardman published the discoveries discovered by these and other excavations.
While human clay figurines are normally found in the top sanctuaries, Psychro and the Ida Mountain sanctuary stand out as the only sacred caves that have yielded human figurines. Psychro is also a unique sacred cave for a bronze foot, also known as part of the votive body, which is the only part of the votive body found in a sacred cave. Most common sacred rock finds at Psychro include stone and ceramic lamps.

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