Pucioasa Hill Caves - Balvanyos - details and images

The largest cave is Pucioasa from Turia and has a length of 14 m. This cave is recognized in the geographical literature and spa. It can be called also the largest in Europe and natural mofette largest gas discharge carbon dioxide. Volatilize from the burrow to about 2,000 m3 per day almost pure carbon dioxide. Because of this famous cave beyond the West: Cave Dog of Naples. It is situated at 1052 m altitude in the hillside Pucioasa. First Hungarian bottling company has used the carbonic acid gas leak in its production. Today is mofette natural, its walls are covered by yellow sulfur. , Vitriolic little sulfuric droplets have been used for hundreds of years to treat eye diseases. Reaching the cave below the gas is certain death. As natural healing is very effective factor. Carbon dioxide concentration of 98-99%, reaching its natural radioactivity 1000pCi value.

The Pucioasa hillside hollows to be found more gas emanations: Cave Bear Cave TIMS, a greater proportion is Gyilkos cave. The latter is situated near the so-called Madartemeto-Bird Cemetery. This is nothing but a gallery of a mine that collapsed sulfuric, and where the accumulated carbon dioxide. Birds that were grazing on a flight and reaching below the gas, fall down dead. But they fall prey not only gas but also small mammals, or even deer have been found lying here.

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