Puerta de Alcala - details and images

In 1764 King Charles III, the Italian architect Sabatini paid to build a large gate to replace the old baroque 16th century built by King Philip III. King believed that mark the eastern border gate of the city was too small for the important link from Aragon.

Sabatini's project has provided a gateway of granite neoclassical style with three large arches and two smaller rectangular hole. Each arch is decorated with a lion's head carved by Roberto Michel. Top gate is decorated with statues of Francisco Guttierrez. Gate construction lasted nine years and was completed in 1778. Gate quickly became a symbol of Madrid. Today is an important tourist attraction and is classified as a national monument.

In the 19th century, the Puerta de Alcala was moved to the location where today is located in Plaza de la Independencia, near the Buen Retiro Park - Central Park Mdrid.

Address: Plaza de la Independencia
Transport: Metro station Retiro (M2).

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