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Quinta da Regaleira is one of the most amazing monuments in Serra de Sintra. Situated at the end of the village's historic center, it was built between 1904 and 1910, in the last period of the monarchy.
Romantic areas previously belonging to Viconteca de Regaleira were acquired and extended by Dr. António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro (1848-1920) to establish the place of choice. Owner of a prodigious fortune that brought him millions of Monteiro nicknames, he collaborated with his unique architectural design and genius architectural landscape designer and Italian designer Luigi Manini (1848-1936) as well as the mastery of sculptors, carvers and flower beds working together with him at Buçaco Palace Hotel.

the scientific spirit of man, the great culture and sensitivity, noted the bibliophile, collector and philanthropist discernment, left imprinted on the stone book of a vision of cosmology, the synthesis of the spiritual memory of mankind, whose roots Lute Tradition and Universal. Architecture and palace art, chapel and other buildings were designed in the context of an Eden garden, emphasizing the domination of neo-manuelin and Renaissance styles.

The garden, which is the microcosm, is revealed by the succession of places buried in magic and mystery. The sky materializes in a cohabitation with Netherworld - a Dante underworld - to which uninitiated was led by Arianna initiation wire.

These scenarios are represented by an initiatory journey, as true pilgrimage mundi, as a symbolic garden where we can feel the harmony of the spheres and see the alignment of an ascetic consciousness traveling through the great epoch. These include references to mythology, Olympus, Virgil, Dante, Camões, the mission of the Templars of Christ, the great mystics and miracles of the workers, the Royal Art Puzzle, Magna alchemical work. In this symphony of stones the poetic and prophetic dimension of a Luso philosophical mansion is revealed. Here Heaven and Earth come together in a sensible reality, the same who presided over the Theory of Beauty, Architecture and Music, the Terrestrial Hollow Acoustic Shell allows you to propel through infinity.

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between 9 and 18 months until Friday.

Adult 6 EURO
Children 4 EURO

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