Rasnov Fortress - details and images

The fortress of Râşnov is a old farmhouse (Brasov county). It is one of the best preserved peasant fortress of Transylvania and was built in 13-14 centuries by the inhabitants of the settlement with the same name, the principal purpose to defend themselves against attacks by the Tartars.
It was built in the XIV century, on top of the highest hill overlooking the whole plain bars.
Being a city farmhouse, built in medieval Rasnov residents in order to defend the harbor in times of invasion and enemy, her past is closely linked to the historical development of the entire population.

The beginnings of the creation of the city were set at the end of sec. XIII by peasants Râsnov inhabitants, has an architectural style demanding the construction of houses near normal, adapted to the requirements of fortification.
The trail is uneven walls, because of rugged terrain on the edge of the hill that surrounds it, which prints the profile of a massive city walls toothed belts. Peasant fortress complex includes two courtyards Rasnov: a surface in the eastern wall of the city, bordered by a fortified wall and features a square tower called "old tower", an inner city surrounded by walls and towers.

Between centuries XV and XVI century, the city was rebuilt. In the middle of the city is a fountain, carved in stone between 1623 and 1640, whose depth is 146 m, built within 17 years, between the years 1623-1640 by two Turkish prisoners, being sure that they will be let go Should we succeed in Sao finish.
Polygonal bastion on the east and chapel dating from centuries-ter XVII. Inside the citadel was discovered the foundation of an Orthodox church in centuries XI-XII.

Currently, the city has been restored and houses a museum to display pieces of local history: photocopies of documents, weapons and tools.

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