Razim - Sinoe - details and images

Razim - Sinoe, a component of the reserve, is situated in the southern Delta and occupies an area of about 1145 km2 of the lake surface is 863 km2. Most of the complex is a depression area initially occupied by the sea and was subsequently segmented training cords and levees.

Complex formation, over 1000 years, so this helped Danube alluvial deposits, as well as the gradual shift of the route east coastal currents, as advancement Delta. These lawsuits brought under the direct action of the sea, the old bay shore Halmyris and created conditions favorable to formation of new shores closed Razim Sinoe. Actual formation of the lakes began with partial isolation of the lakes and Golovita Zmeica Wolves and total beam lakes Tuzla, the guests from grid Saele. In a next step Chituc sand bank formed to isolate the southern part of Lake Sinoe. In its final phase completed high isolation of the complex by the seaside belt of sand bank formation and beams Chituc patties.

In recent decades, the complex has undergone great changes due to human action. After the water works made after 1970 lagoon complex was converted into two units:
The unit consists of lakes Razim Razim Golovita, Zmeica and Babadag with two lakes and Topraichioi Tăuc components which were isolated from the influence of the sea and turned into a freshwater tank to power irrigation systems designed around the complex. The most important lake, Lake Razim has an area of 415 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 2.8 m. The lagoon is connected with arm Razim Saint George and Dunavat Dranov channels where it receives a contribution from the Danube river.

Sinoe Sinoe lakes formed unit, the guests and Tuzla who stays in touch with the Black Sea by a dam. Sinoe lake has an area of 135 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 1.6 meters.
The perimeter of the complex and there are several islands, of which the most important are Popina island, island church and island Gradistea

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