Reserve Pietrosu Rodnei - details and images

Pietrosu Mare Nature Reserve is located in the immediate vicinity of Bor town, is the biggest nature reserve complex (geomorphological, flora and fauna) in the north. Since 1979 she was included in the global network of biosphere reserves.

The perimeter protection gap was included mountain alpine and subalpine vegetation and fir forest in the region. The main peak - between the top Pietrosu Mare (2303 m) and Piatra peak (2061 m) - three houses on the north side ice buckets, which by their wild landscape, unique in the Eastern Carpathians.

The southern side of the peak Pietrosu Căldarea Buhaescu Great hosts - Rebra, they are confined Buhăescului lakes. The reserve is a diverse vegetation, from the hill up to the alpine, including a number of rare, endemic rodneene. Also here can be found many species of mammals and birds threatened with extinction.

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