Reserve St. George - Palade - Peris - Zatoane - details and images

Reserve St. George - Palade - Peris - Zatoane lies south of Saint George on about 21,000 hectares surrounding coastline. It is a succession of banks with isolated lakes, swamps, river and brackish waters, sandy bogs, reeds, crossed by parallel dunes.

Zatoane Lakes, in particular, are places of transit, staging and hatching for mute swans, stârcii white, red and yellow herons, fallow. Sacalin Island is an island occurred in 1897, St. George Arm south of the mouth with an area of approximately 500 ha.

Island territory, once fragmented into several small islands, the bird refuge, is embedded in Ornithological Nature Reserve, St. George-Palade-perishable Zatoane.

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