Reunification Cathedral nation - details and images

Historical Monument of the city of Alba Iulia Orthodox Cathedral, also known as the Reunification Cathedral is a symbol of our national unity achieved by the Act of 1918. It was built in the years 1921-1922, in the west of the city of Alba Iulia, Apulum ancient Roman and medieval Bălgrad, was conceived as a continuation of the monastic Metropolitan balgradean demolished in 1713-1714 by the Habsburgs.

Its architecture, inspired by the royal church of Targoviste, is included in the current romantic Romanian art started in the last decades of the last century, has proposed turning the artistic creation of the medieval south of the Carpathians.
Imposing building, built between 1921-1923, according to the plans of architect D. Ghe. Stefanescu, led by engineer T. Eremia, there have been crowned kings of Great Romania on 15 October 1922, the cathedral bearing the name of Coronation Cathedral.

The building has a Greek cross shape with an open porch, the interior gets through a rectangular nave, with three units vaulting arcs in the segment, a narrow nave and altar. The decoration is painted in fresco done in the spirit of traditional iconography by Constantin Petrescu.

Entering the church is through a large arched open porch, supported on four columns with capitals. In the niches are set side porch with four marble commemorative inscriptions to remind us of four important events: 1) Print New Testament Stephen Bishop Simeon in 1648, 2) Union of 1600, having been performed by Michael the Brave, 3) Martyrdom of Korea, Hen and Crisan, 4) restoring the spiritual unity of the Romanians.

The church is surrounded by a rectangular enclosure with two large pavilions on the east side and two pavilions on the west side, between the last bell tower rising high 58. The pavilions are linked by access galleries supported by columns and double arches, some with Corinthian capitals for inspiration, but Brancoveanu influence. The entrance is from the west under the bell tower.

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