Revival Museum - details and images

The new exhibition of the Revival Museum in Varna can be found on the "L. Zamenhof 21" Street in a historical building, built in the 19th century Used for different needs, / including as a girls' school after the Liberation /, now it is donated to the Museum.
It presents the most important moments in the history of Varna during the Renaissance. The first floor reflects the importance of Varna as a strategic point along the West Coast of the Black Sea and the participation of the Varna region in Russian-Turkish wars from the end of the 18th century and in the first half of the 19th century.
In the exhibition from the second floor are presented moments of economic development of the city, the founding of the municipality, the school, the community center and the national movement of the church. In one of the rooms is recreated the atmosphere of the room of the mutual school with all the attributes associated with the education of that period. Also, there are presented the battles before the Liberation - the participation of the Varna region in the movement of the outlaws, the revolutionary events, the April Revolt and the Liberation. Varna is the last liberated city - only on July 27, 1878, Russian troops, commanded by General Stolipin, enter the city.
The exhibition presents new materials, collected for many years books, church rites, weapons, photographs and personal items of the fighters for our freedom.

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