Rila Mountains - details and images

Mount Rila is one of the most picturesque mountains offering wonderful mountain views at any time of year with an impressive variety of vegetation and wildlife. There are many rivers, springs and crystalline lakes.
The top of Rila mountain is Musala with a height of 2925m. Rila has a total area of ​​2629 km and the average altitude 1287m. It is the highest mountain in the Balkan Peninsula and the fifth highest mountain in Europe.
It is located in the northwestern part of the Rila-Rodopi mountain range. Its highest parts are made of granite and marble, and its core consists mainly of granite. Mount Rila is built mainly of intrusive and metamorphic rocks.
On its territory there are about 120 natural lakes, since most come from the ice age and about 2000 species of mountain plants and animals. Mount Rila is a central hydrological point, with a huge hydropower resource.
The name of Rila comes from the Thracians, whose traces are abundantly found in these places. Toponymy attests to them as "well-watered mountains", from the presence of many glacial lakes.

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