Roman camp-Campulung Jidava - details and images

Roman Camp Museum and Archaeological Reserve Jidava-Campulung (National Highway no. 127, Campulung).

The exhibition, opened in 1970, contains archaeological objects discovered in the Limes and transalutanus alutanus and especially objects discovered in the camp Jidava research. Roman military building was built in the second half of II century AD and is today one of the best preserved limes permenente camps in Romania.

The exhibits include ceramics (lamps, brick and tile fragments with inscriptions, amphora, pavimentum and mosaic pieces, parts hypocaustum), weapons (arrowheads, spears, knives), pieces of iron and stone objects that subunit appears to come from Roman military horse archers who built the fort (first Flavia Comagenorum Cohors. In the camp to keep a part of Roman buildings (Principia - command, Praetorium - master building, building officers, horreum - Grain magazine) .

On the south side of a tower was reconstructed and partially towers Praetoria gate (main gate entrance), tower bolt from the southwest corner and the other towers of the gates Decumana, Dextra and sinister sides of the north east and west.

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