Roman Camp Pelendava - details and images

Pelendava was the ancient capital of the Gauls Peli.

Craiova is attested in Pelendova variant on the map called the Tabula Peutingeriana, a medieval copy of Roman map made around the year 225, Emperor Caracalla initiative.

At the beginning of the second century the Romans built a fort Pelendava, first of reinforced earth walls (under Emperor Trajan), then stone and brick (in the reign of Hadrian). Because protecting the Roman camp and military garrison, Roman Pelendava had a thriving life.

Pelendava vestiges found today in Craiova, Mofleni district.

The monastery inscription Cosun (1442-1443.) Stated that the church building stone was used (to block) and brick camp.

Toponym Pelendava (Pelendova) is a compound word, the first component derived from the putative Indo-European word * Peled, "wet stream (connected to the settlement in the floodplain area) and the second component was the Dacian word dava (or deva)" settlement, village, town ", the alleged Indo-European * DHE-ua.

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