Roman camp Pietroasele - details and images

It is believed that this fort was built by Emperor Constantine the Great in 332 since the campaign against the Goths north of the Danube. In this campaign, the Byzantine army, led by Constantine II - the king's son, defeats the Goths and, therefore, the lands north of the river returns to a period under the Roman dominion. The camp is installed Legion XI Claudia Durostorum coming from.

In the cemetery adjoining the camp were discovered coins from the reign of Constantine II. A rarity is the weight of 2.09 g siliqua issued by the Oficina Arles [2].

In nearby archaeological site found fragments of Roman tiles, from water mains and civil settlement camp century. IV, p. AD [2] and a plant collection and distribution of water carved in stone. [3]

Roman camp from Pietroasa (124 mx 158 m), which was discovered in the 90s, includes baths (Roman thermal baths) surrounded by the southern wall of defense, belonging Pietroasa culture. [4] Roman camp will be presented to the public in part by building a museum that will include the baths and the southern wall of defense. [5]

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