Roman Fortress at Halmyris - details and images

Roman Fortress at Halmyris current localities within the territory Murighiol, Tulcea, 2 km SE of the village and 200 m north of the road Murighiol - Dunavăţul Upper arm 1.5 km S of St. George.

The area has evidence of habitation since pre-Roman period, near the Roman city are identified and investigated a cemetery ciency. Major archaeological research began in 1981, and continuing astăzi.Cetatea has a trapezoidal shape with the short edge to the north. The defense system includes 15 towers and the wave of defense. Near the city is the Roman civil settlement, attested by an inscription (unique in the Roman Empire) which states "the village mariarilor" Classis Flavia Moesica carers Danube fleet.

Also on Halmyris in the basilica crypt were discovered relics of the oldest accredited Christian martyrs in Dobrogea, and Epictetus Astion. The Citadel continued to operate until the early seventh century AD

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