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Shortly after the royal fortress burned down on Christmas Eve of 1734, King Philip V wished to replace with a fortress built of stone and granite palace that he would not burn so easily. Palace would be similar to the Versailles Palace near Paris, where Philip V spends much of his youth. Construction of the palace began in 1938 under a project of the Italian architect Juan Bautista Sachetti. After 26 years and three kings later, the huge palace that extended over an area of 135,000 square meters, was completed. He took another hundred years until all rooms have been decorated.

Visitors enter the Royal Palace in Plaza de la armer. Among the sumptuous rooms available to visitors include a 400 square meters living room, hall Porcelana (Chinese room) and Salon del Trono (throne room) with walls of red silk. Real Palace includes armer, Royal Army Museum. The latter contains a wonderful collection of armor, including armor of King Charles the Fifth.

Charles King III, son of King Philip V moved to the new palace in 1764. Palacio Real was the main residence of the kings of Spain until 1931, when King Alfonso XIII was exiled after the Republicans won the election and asked him to abdicate. Today, the royal family lives in the Zarzuela Palace, a palace which was more than a hunting residence outside Madrid. Royal Palace is still used for official ceremonies and receptions.

The palace is bordered on the east by the Campo del Moro, a large park that stretches from the Rio Manzanares to the Royal Palace. From the green lawn at the park entrance, visitors can enjoy a great view, unobstructed on the palate.

In front of Royal Palace, Plaza Oriente is a lovely market with an equestrian statue of Philip IV. Royal Palace was originally the same name with the market, Palacio de Oriente or Eastern Palace. Statues depicting various queens of Spain are found everywhere in the market. The idea was that these statues to be placed on the roof of the palace but were too heavy and decided to be placed in the square in front of the palace.

October to March: Monday-Saturday from 9:30 to 17:00. Sundays and holidays from 9:00 to 14:00.
April to September: Monday-Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00. Sundays and holidays from 9:00 to 15:00.

Closed for official ceremonies and 1 and 6 January, 1 and 15, October 12, November 9 and December 25.

Flash photography is not allowed inside the building.

Transportation: Subway - Opera station (Red Line, L2) or (Green Line, L5)

Price: 8 euros without a guide, 10 euro guide. Children under 5 years free entrance.
The entrance to this tourist attraction is free with the Madrid Card.

Transport: Underground - Opera (M2, M5)

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