Royal St. Nicholas Church - U.S. - details and images

Royal St. Nicholas Church was built in the will of Stephen the Great between 1 June 1491 and 10 August 1492.
Because of his age faced a lot of fires, earthquakes and vicissitudes that have brought in a serious state of ruin. Discovered ruined and remained so until the reign of Antony Ruset that by 1676 they began repairs.

So pretending Artex adding more than the church entrance "before the church built by Stefan cel Mare another church, the altars are set up two more, right and left old monument" to give the most imposing appearance, worthy of Metropolitan Cathedral ( After moving the capital to the U.S.). shrine dedicated to the Holy Martyr Barbara was right and served in Greek, in the north was dedicated to serving the Holy Archdeacon Stefan in Slavonic and Russian.

Cause a great attraction in the world of believers and the icon of Saint Mina, perform miracles, to which thousands of Christians prayed for healing boli.Datorita three altars and icons, Stefan cel Mare celebrated his church about five patrons: Saint Nicolas, Saint Varvara Saint Stephen, Mining and Ecaterina.Antonie Russet was the one who had done the church wall and a water fountain to fill believers, as Turkish mosques.
Restoration began in 1884 a radical architect Lecomte Nouy. Rebuilt with bricks and holes, take the form of construction and painting ancient Moldavian family and family Ruset Prince Anthony Prince Gheorghe Duca is replaced with the royal family. Between 1989 and 1993, making small repairs to pass the more washing and painting. Restored church was painted by Boris Bernard, Emilie and P. Mauretal Mempiot.
"Court Church", "princely coronation cathedral, the church served for anointing the new rulers among them, and Al Despot voda. I. Cuza (1859 - 1866) called the seat of the Royal Church.

Inside stands a mural that depicts the Kiev Stefania, wife of Stefan cel Mare. All here in one of the cells Metropolitan Dosoftei lived and worked a printing house and a school for priests invatura, school children and little Seminariu deposed priests - one of the most famous of Moldova - James Putneanul reorganized Metropolitan.
Blessing was committed on October 16th 1994 IPS Metropolitan Daniel of Moldavia and Suceava.
Church of the navel being the most important fair, guild faclierilor (candles) was located here. The coast they install a candle factory, St. Nicholas was patron merchants.The most remarkable foundation of Prince Stefan cel Mare, near the Royal Court, is the oldest church in Iasi.

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