Sacalin Island - details and images

Sacalin Island is a newly formed island in the Black Sea, within walking distance of the Romanian coast, opposite the St. George arm of the Danube Delta. Originally Sacalin Island consisted of two smaller islands: Great Sacalinu Sacalinu Breakfast. But with time the two were united and formed a unified mass of land area 21,410 hectares.

Romanian government declared the area a biosphere reserve and prohibited populating the island since 1938.

The island is a great variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. Here are found the large colonies of terns and Dalmatian pelican, the island is the main area of breeding, feeding and wintering grounds of these species. On the island were reviewed a number of 229 species of birds. The island waters are rare fish, sturgeon, and rare plants such as cabbage and canary high marsh.

There are two areas where progress occurs Delta into the sea. One starts from Sakhalin Island to St. George and probably intensify years to close, forming a new lake, and another is north of Sulina.

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