Saint Stephen's Basilica Budapest - details and images

Saint Stephen's Basilica is dedicated to Hungary's first king, St. Stephen. It is the largest church in Budapest, can accommodate around 8500 people.

Basilica built by József Hild based project is one of the most important religious and tourist destinations of Hungary. Building construction began in 1851, lasted several decades, the church was eventually consecrated only in 1905.

St. Stephen's Basilica houses the sacred treasure of Hungary, namely the mummified right hand of St. Stephen (Szent jobb - Holy Right Hand). The dome of the basilica where tourists can climb, can admire an impressive view of the entire city. Throughout the year there is a plenitude of musical programs are held in the basilica.

Tourists can also enjoy the excellent acoustics of the Basilica St. Stephen, acoustics during concerts highlighted in the organ. They are held every Monday at 19:00 between July and October.

Address: Szt. István tér, V. district
Opening hours: 9.00-17. daily, winter: 10.00-16.00
To visit the basilica are no guides organized classes in English at:
9.30, 11.00, 14.00, 15.30, Monday to Friday
and from 9.30 and 11.00 Saturday.

Visits include visiting the Basilica of the Holy Chapel and right hand of St. Stephen, the Treasury, the panoramic view from the dome (only between April 1 and October 31).

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