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Domplatz - Cathedral Square - is located right in front of the Duomo and is restricted Salzburg Residenz Castle and the Monastery of St. Peter. Just above the main window of St. Peter can see a girl who is drawn into a grimace Residenz Castle Prince Archbishop. This was done to show people that the great abbot of the Monastery of St. Peter's can afford to be bound by the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg.

Domplatz is where the "Jedermann" is staged during the Salzburg Festival, combining the dramatic decor of the cathedral facade. At the end of November and December, here are organizing a Christmas Market which attracts thousands of visitors.

The facade of the cathedral of Salzburg is divided into three units, so-called horizontal and covered with marble Untersberg, which in effect is not geological marble. In front of main gate you can see four huge statues on pedestals whose coat of arms of Prince Archbishop can zari Guidobald von Thun and Prince Archbishop Johann Ernst von Thun.

The front can be seen in the center and the four evangelists over the two windows there are a lion and a goat, animals on the coat of arms of Prince Archbishop Paris and Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus Lodron. Above the windows there is a golden crown that fits with the statue of the Madonna Domplatz if viewed under the arches of Wallistrakt. Also on the front are also found statues of Moses holding the Ten Commandments and Christian Elias flancand a savior in the center. These three statues were made by Tommaso di Garon in 1660. He is the one who built the fountain Residentz. Towers on the sides are also divided into three distinct parts. In them there are clocks and bells at the Salzburger Dom. These towers were presented Salzburg citizens in a ceremony organized by Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron in 1628. During the war all the bells, but two of them were dismantled by the year 1961. Since then and until today there are seven bells in Salzburg Cathedral. The largest of these is "Salvatorglocke" (Bell Salvation) that weighs 14,256 kilograms. It is the second largest bell in Austria.

In the nave of the Salzburger Dom's paintings are found Donato Mascagni and Ignazio Solari, which shows scenes of Christ's life and quarters. The main point of attraction of the Salzburg Cathedral is without doubt or dome, 71 meters high. These same two artists have painted and decorated the nave of the two rows of eight each from the dome frescoes, which shows scenes from the Old Testament. These works are linked thematically perfect blend of those of the nave. Above these paintings you can see pictures of the four Evangelists and beyond them, is seen shields and Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron Roracher Archbishop Andreas - who cathedral reopened after the Second World War.

The whole history of the city lies in Salzburg Cathedral Salzburg Cathedral. From Saint Francis to several Princes epitafele archbishops, and from St. Rupert and St. Virgil in religious allegory. Among all these historical figures and religious scenes and you can read an inscription: "Notas mihi vitae fecisi vias" - You've shown me the way of life.

Salzburg Dome organ, one that is used for the service today was built in 1988, but the old organ from the Salzburger Dom is basically the same that is the work of the famous organ builder of the year Josef Christoph Egedacher 1703. From June to September you can go to an organ recital every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:15. The recital takes about an hour. On the right side of the main altar is located in the crypt entrance. This is based on the foundations of the old Cathedral of St. Virgil, whose relics are found in the crypt. The round tower you can see a mosaic in which you can see the old scale compared to the current Dom. The tomb is where are buried all the Archbishops of Salzburg. In "Zehneckraum" - ten room corners - the tombs of Princes Archbishops of 17th and 18th centuries.

Salzburg Cathedral is where Mozart was baptized. Medieval fountain was used for this still exists in the Cathedral of Salzburg and can be seen even near the entrance to the Duomo.

5020 Salzburg

Cathedral: daily 8:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday and holidays: 11 am - 6 pm

Ticket Price: Entry to the cathedral is free, but charge a fee to see the museum in Salzburg Cathedral (Dom Museum). But this museum is included in the Salzburg Card.
Museum: 5 \ 6 € adults (depending on time of year) 1.50 \ € 2.00 children

Transport: Bus 1

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