Sinaia Casino - details and images

Located in the north of the park "Dimitrie Ghica", "Casino" from Sinaia is today one of the buildings - a symbol of the resort. Imposing building was constructed in record time, only one year (1912-1913), the place was once Ghica villa, the resort's first house, built by Prince Dimitrie Ghica. Casino in Sinaia's main shareholder of Baron MARCAY also a shareholder in the Monte Carlo Casino is precisely why it has been speculated that this building would be faithful copy of French building. In fact, there are few interior architectural elements that could confirm the similarity of the two casinos.

Casino's inauguration in 1913 is an important event, the time of Alexander Davila called competition, leading figure in the field, show, great stage, a high-class show, attended by the royal family and Titu, then Prime Minister of the country. Memorable evening continued with a concert held by George Enescu sensitive and ended with fireworks.

The elegance and its games, Casino will soon become irresistible attraction of the resort and an important source of revenue for shareholders.

Today, at least interesting history, unique architecture further by elegance, provided and recent upgrades, the monument is under the authority of the Local Council of Sinaia and hosts the International Conference Centre.

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