Sinaia Monastery - details and images

Sinaia Monastery - after three hundred years of existence, the monument continues to ensure the city bearing his name and whose symbol is the spiritual, includes several objectives:

Small Church - was founded by the great backrest Mihai Cantacuzino - 1695, he gives the name after one of Sinaia Monastery in Sinai, where he was a pilgrimage. According to notes in the Slavonic language, a corpus of Saint Sava monastery in Palestine, "In 1682, April 26, Mrs. Ilinca were here, mother with son Prince Michael and daughter back of Rock." Of all the religious settlements in that region, Mihai Cantacuzino was impressed, especially the Sinai monastery. Small Church's paintings were made famous Parvu Mutu - Zugravu (1657-1735).

High Church - was built in staretii Ioasaf and Paisios between 1843-1846 (the reign of Bibescu Voda). It is the first place of worship in Romania electric lighting.

Sinaia Monastery Museum - is the first religious museum in the country, built in 1895 during the bicentennial of the monastery.

Bell - was built in 1892, brought the bell tower was cast corner of Bucharest (1775) and returned (1914) weighs 1700 kg.

Tomb Tache Ionescu - known politician, born in Ploiesti, he devoted his activity sponsor people.

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