Ski slopes in Bansko - details and images

Bansko has 70 km of perfectly maintained and safe ski slopes, separated into 3 subtypes: 35% for beginners, 40% for advanced and 25% for experienced skiers and snowboarders. The entire trail is equipped with 90% artificial snow machines - total 230, which provides some perfect conditions during the entire ski season.
The longest slope is 16 km long and the illuminated slopes 7 km long, some of which provide great conditions for skiing during the late night.
Lightweight parts:
-Bansko (ski road) - with a length of 7 km, cable cars
- Plateau 1 - sloping slope, ski lifts
-Shilingarnik 1 - variable slope for beginners and advanced, chairlift
-Shilingarnik 2 - very wide slope, chairlift
Parts for the advanced:
-Banderitsa- with the chairlift
- Swing with the chairlift
-Todorka- chairlift
- Old part, Iulen, Plateau 2- with anchor type telescopes
-Straji, Chalin Valog 1 and 2 - with chairlift
Difficult parts:
-Tomba- with chairlift

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