"St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel" - Satu Mare - details and images

Romanian monumental building of the cathedral was built between 1932-1937, was placed on the site of the old Romanian churches in Satu Mare, built between 1799-1803.

Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel Church building style is inspired by traditional Romanian architecture with a dome pendants, with a nave flanked by two towers side by technologies, the monumental entrance portal, marking an ornate profiles archivolts with Belt in torsade de and stalks of acanthus. Construction plans were developed by architects and GPLiteanu Smigelschi Victor.
Inside is a central nave with two side aisles with loggias above and having four openings bounded by double columns. Above the narthex there is a balcony. Capitals of all the columns are made in the manner brîncovenească. Painting and the painting was made interioruluiau Profeta Schnell and brothers. In the basement of the cathedral there is a collection of old books, icons and art objects.

Personalities who have succeeded over time in this church were patriots, scholars and leading representatives of the Romanian national movement in Satu Mare: Peter Bran, John Mark, Lucaciu Constantin, Vasile Lucaciu.

The collection of art and rare books of the church was built in the '80s, this collection represents a cultural and historical valuables in possession of Orthodox religious units in the county of Satu Mare.

The collection consists of works of Romanian art and old books and is housed in the basement of the cathedral, in a specially arranged. There are over 40 icons on glass and wood, among which seven icons from wooden church Corund, dating from the second half of the century. eighteenth-century imperial and four icons from the church of Oar, dating from the same period.
Bibliophile values of the collection amounts to 500 Romanian books being outstanding Cazania Barlaam (Iasi, 1693), the Bălgrad Chiriacodromul (1699), etc. Lovers of prints.

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