Stanisoara Monastery - details and images

Stanisoara monastery called, until the eighteenth century, Nucet, is situated at the foot of the massive tails, the slope and the southern territory Calimanesti town, Valcea county. Name of the monastery - "Stanisoara" - comes from sheep that were Stanele in the ground.

Stanisoara the monastic compound is hidden in a corner of paradise, the natural quiet and peace that surrounds the place being full. In this monastery, situated on the reckless world, the monks lead a very austere life, sometimes all night keep their jobs, and food without meat.

By 1864 the monastery was subdued Stanisoara tails of the monastery, and after this time the monastery became independent. The current stone church was built between 1903-1908, under the foundation of Bishop Gerasimos Thymus, Abbot Nicodemus Manu.

The fire in February 1917 destroyed the cells of the hermitage. Instead, between 1936-1940, a beautiful chapel was built in the shape of the vessel. The chapel is used by monks for winter jobs.

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