Statue of Decebalus - Clisura Danube - details and images

Dacian king Decebal statue is 55m high statue, located on the rocky shore of the Danube, between localities and Dubova Eselnita near the town of Orsova. Decebal statue depicting the last king of Dacia and is carved into a cliff. Is the highest stone sculpture in Europe is only six feet less than the Statue of Liberty, but eight more than the memorial of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, and about 10 feet longer than the height of the legendary Colossus of Rhodes.

Location of the sculpture is near the town of Orsova, in the cataracts of Small Boilers (Mraconia Bay), on the left bank of the Danube River where the greatest depth: 120 meters.

King Decebal statue was completed in ten years and 12 sculptors, climbers worked to achieve it.
Execution of this work was conducted under the leadership of Romanian sculptor Florin Cotarcea, it can be done in spite of the danger of heights, heat and vipers.

Businessman and historian Iosif Constantin Dragan was the one who promoted and supported the idea that work performed during 1994-2004.

Even before the statue, but the Serbian bank, nearly 2000 years is an ancient memorial plaque ("Tabula Traiana") high monument of King Decebal opponent, the Roman emperor Trajan, to mark the Roman imperial troops march to commemorate Dacia Roman victories over the Dacian kingdom in 105.

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