Stephen Tower - Baia Mare - details and images

Stephen's Tower, built in the fifteenth century, the bell tower of the old church dedicated to St. Stephen King "in Baia Mare.

The first documentary of the church of Saint Stephen dating from 1347, but construction is officially opened until 1387. The tower, built of massive stone, was erected at the initiative of Prince John of Dubai, to mark victory in Ialomita (1442) against the Ottomans. Tower construction begins after 1446, but is completed only in 1468 under the reign of Matthias Corvinus.

In 1619 to recover the top, having the shape of a pyramid with a square base with four towers and is equipped with bells. Nine years later he installed a clock with month. Repeatedly affected by lightning and fires, the buildings suffer more major repairs, but only the tower was rebuilt in 1763. On this occasion, the porch is built on top.

Entry to the tower is via the south door. Until first level is reached on a spiral stone staircase. From here to the pavilion, access is by wooden stairs. The building measured about 50 feet and the porch provides a beautiful view of the entire city (see Monograph Baia Mare, 1972).
The old mechanical clock (seventeenth century) was replaced with an electronic mechanism.

Further new avenues of rehabilitation and strengthening of walls was begun in late 2007, the expenses being incurred by the Ministry of Culture.

The great edifice is not only an important historic sites, but has become a cultural landmark in the late '90s, when this space poetry event took place in the tower (the city of Baia Mare initiative actor Paul Anthony). Both exponents Baia Mare Painting School, and other famous artists were fascinated by the silhouette of the old clock tower and the porch roof peasant, so that was captured from different angles, memorable works of art.

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