Suceava Planetarium - details and images

The Planetarium room, circular, with a capacity of 80 seats, where is mounted the complex projector top ZKP 2, which can be projected through the sun, moon, planets and approximately 6,000 stars visible to the naked eye on boreal and austral sky . Projectors play auxiliary dynamic image of the solar system, Jupiter Galilean satellites, the evolution of Comet Donati, the phenomenon of "shooting stars" and an artificial satellite motion.

Upstairs is a media library, a hall with a capacity of 100 seats, equipped with audio-video equipment, where lectures, conferences, scientific sessions and offers visitors the video-documentary.

Mobile Terrace and dome are used for astronomical observations with the telescope (x120) and the Cassegrain type telescope (x375). You can observe sunspots, monthly relief, Jupiter and Galilean moons, the rings of Saturn, star clusters, nebulae and galactic astrological phenomena (eclipses, etc.)

Planetarium features a collection of documents including books and specialist periodicals and a book donation of Prof. Elvira Botez.

The ground floor exhibition space can visit the permanent exhibitions: "History of Astronomy Pages in Romanian", "Astronomical Observatories and instruments of the World", "First Solar System", "Beyond the Milky Way." There is also a wide pendulum, gravity phenomena used in research conducted by Nobel prize-winning project, Maurice Allais.

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