Suzana Monastery - details and images

Suzana Monastery was built in 1740 by a faithful Sacele-Brasov, with the name Suzana Arsicu, being a church of beams. After 100 years, that wore wooden church dedicated to St. Nicholas, because of bad weather, became inpracticabila and was replaced in 1840 with another church, built of stone with Chesarie Bishop of Buzau and the believers, with the Superior , Suzana Albulet mother. But that lasted only 40 years ruinandu the earthquake of 1838. In 1880 began the present church building in the wall (the second since the founding of the monastery) as Mother Abbess Natalia Perlea aunt great composer and conductor John Perla.

The church preserves Wallachian architecture style. It is divided into cross-shaped altar, the nave and the narthex. The nave is separated from nave, forming a common space. The porch is enclosed with painted ceiling, has three towers, one on the nave and two narthex. The windows are large, equipped with metal grille. There are two windows in the nave (one on each side) and four in the narthex (two on each side). Wooden temple is carved with floral motifs and some icons are dressed in gilded silver. The floor is made of boards and tin roof. Church painting, done in oil, is the work of master Peter Nicolau in Ploiesti, one of the best disciples of the great painter George Tattarescu.

The inner courtyard of the monastery at large breath, but keep the buildings from each other, forming a compact space, designed to withstand. Part freedom is paved with stone slabs. Suzana Monastery has a museum where you can see a collection of icons painted on wood and glass, many old books, religious objects, etc..

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