Synagogue - Satu Mare - details and images

Satu Mare is synagogue in Moorish style built in the beginning, has a tripartite façade with central avancorp with which the house is the house of prayer.
In Satu Mare there were three synagogues, SYNAGOGUE worked between 1905-1965. Rabies seat created in Satu Mare (the 1850s) is that Judas Grunwald. There is also a close relationship with the Jews in Sighet where Eleazar was Rabbi Teitelbaum (1788-1855) whose guidance Hasidic (variant pietism) was extended here.
The Zionist movement linked to the name of Dr. John Rona (1849-1919) had led by Prime Satu Mare Rabbi Jordan (amounting in 1908 to 2000 members). Hebrew community numbered about 25,000 members in the period 1941-1944. Leading figure of the Jewish Community of Satu Mare was Joel Teitelbaum, chief rabbi of New York City after the World War II, the leader of the Hasidic group.
Temple and synagogue, built at intervals of more than 50 years, are very different. Their purpose is different, in a certain extent: the synagogue is only a house of prayer, while in the temple can be accommodated and other cultural activities.

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