Tailors Tower - Sighisoara - details and images

Tailors Tower is located in the second gateway into the city, he also was called the Great Tower of the rear gate. Probably dating from the thirteenth century or the fourteenth century, he shows us an architecture of great simplicity and massiveness. Its shape is rectangular and the lower level is pierced by two cross-vaulted passages, once provided with gates at both ends with vertical grids.
Above the gates rise by another two-storey tower fitted with windows shot. In addition to drawing windows that provided each level, the upper long sides has three holes oil. The fire of 1676 has hit the tower, this book because of the fire blew up a powder which was stored here, and destroyed the upper floors and a large number of weapons and stocks of wheat. As a result, it was entirely rebuilt in 1679, when it was fitted with the necessary weapons. On this occasion the north-west passage was closed, the powder is transformed into storage until 1935, when it was restored back to the original shape.

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