Targu Mures Medieval Fortress - details and images

The resort city has an area of 4.3 hectares and consists of a fortified enclosure with seven towers linked by walls. Inside the fortress is Calvin Reformed Church building Manutanţei.

Current City was built on the site of another fifteenth-century fortifications (1492) and belonged to the prince of Transylvania, Bath Istvan. The first city was destroyed following an invasion.

Between 1602 and 1652 built the actual city, pentagon shaped, with five of the seven bastions built by guilds of workers who were used as building materials stone and brick river.

Fortifications consist of 3 or 4 levels to communicate inside the wooden stairs. Architectural style in which they were constructed and Reformed Church building Manutanţei late Renaissance.

Fortress is the location of various cultural and artistic activities, with exhibitions of paintings, photography. These types of actions occur especially during the days Tirgu Mures, in contravention months of each year.

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