Temple of Poseidon - details and images

The sanctuary began to demolish the first century AD d. Pausenii, which sailed along the coast in 150 AD d. believed that the prominent temple on the hill was actually the temple of Goddess Athena.

Modern travelers have visited Sounio long before the start of excavations, among them was Lord Byron in 1810. The excavations began in 1897 and continues today.

Local marble was used for the columns of the Temple, of the 34 surviving original columns only 15 today. The columns were cut by 16 girls instead of 20, being reduced surface exposed to wind and sea water.

On the east side of the Temple of Poseidon is an ion milling (which is found above the columns) of 13 realized pariana marble. Today very eroded, it contains scenes of battle with belt lapitilor Theseus and his adventures (which according to some legends, the son of Poseidon). Also on the east side is described and the battle between Poseidon and Athena for the domination Aticii (one of the provinces where they are and Athens Greece).

Lord Byron has carved a name in the marble columns in 1810. He really started a year, the temple is now scratched and initial the signature of travelers. Temple of Poseidon can be visited every day between 8:30 and 20:00 (except in March when it closed).

Entry fee at the Temple of Poseidon is EUR 4 EUR 2 for adults and children and students. Admission is free on 6 March, June 5, April 18, May 18, the last weekend of September, first Sunday of each month and on September 27.

Address: City Sounio

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