The Archaeological Museum of Thasos - details and images

The exhibits consist of collections of sculpture, ceramics and architectural remains from the Neolithic to the Roman period in Thasos. The most important exhibits of the early period are a clay amphora from the Neolithic settlement and a Cycladic plate decorated with a representation of the hero Bellerofon on the winged Pegasus, which depicts the Chimaera with three heads. Two of the sculptures from the archaic period are special: an impressive three and a half meter kouros, a statue of an empty young man wearing a goat, which was found at Pythion; and a Pegasus bust. Of the exhibits from the classical period, it is worth noting a head of Dionysos of the fourth century BC. From the Hellenistic and Roman period, there is a statue of a museum bearing a peplos, also from the Temple of Dionysos, a small statue of Aphrodite with a dolphin and a cupid, a head of Alexander and a statue of the Roman emperor Hadrian, armed for the fight.

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