The Ceramic Workshop Marginea - details and images

Ceramic Marginea is a typical ceramic brand for this commune in Suceava county. It is characterized both by the black color that objects acquire after burning - as a result of using a prehistoric technology, as well as by ornaments - as a result of using specific techniques or by retaining traditional forms.
There are 4 natural elements that contribute to obtaining black ceramics: earth, water, air and fire. The main manufactured objects are: cooking pots, plates, mugs, bowls and decorative vases for flowers.
In the 12th-15th centuries the pottery activity saw a strong development in the north of Moldova and especially in the region. Before the establishment of the communist regime in Romania, there were around 60 pottery workshops in the Marginea. Then, in the years of communism, the possession of a potter's wheel was punished by the law and for this reason many pottery masters gave up their ancestral trades. Later, however, all the communists tried through artisan cooperatives to relaunch this activity.

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