The dam lake - Transfagarasan - details and images

Located on the Arges River, and supported the slopes Pleasa Vidraru along Tranfagarasanului, about 40 kilometers from Arges, The dam is considered a jewel by engineering specialists.

The dam is where "technology" as if nature cooperates and offering tourists an image removed so the Fagaras mountains, and a closer view of the cliffs that guard and are reflected in the stunning lake and crystalline.

Hundreds of cars pass daily over The dam, and the view which opens as soon as you step into the tunnel overlooking the dam is so spectacular that stops almost everyone, unconditionally, to make a picture with the lake and dam. And that, more than 40 years. The mountains rise to an almost vertical sides, the lake seems still, somewhere below, and clouds are the only crossing it to convince you that it's not made of metal.

It was built with human sacrifices (about 80 deaths), between 1961 and 1966. Dam construction is based on the mountains and Vidraru Plesa, and, in its entry into service, was the 15th-century arch dam and the 27th century as height (166m) in Europe. Seen from the top down gives you vertigo more powerful than the Bicaz, another massive dam in Romania.

The area is full of lookout points, and have to drive carefully as many people to suddenly stop them. To achieve his galleries were drilled 42 kilometers in length, were excavated some 1,768,000 cubic meters of rock (of which one million underground) have poured concrete and 930,000 cubic meters were installed 6300 tons of electromechanical equipment.

Because the dam and lake was formed Vidraru.

Vidraru Lake, with 465 million cubic meters of water, has a length of 10.3 km and a maximum width of 2.2 km (in the Wolf Valley - Monk), a total area of 870 hectares and maximum depth 155 meters.

Situated between the mountains and Ghitu brow, lake gathers the waters of rivers Capra, Buda and several direct tributaries (River Lady, and Valsan Cernatul, topology, Valea lui Stan and clear), with a total flow of about 5.5 ml / s.

Power station is situated underground, the massive fortress, at 104 m depth and can provide an annual energy production of 400 GWh.

Upon inauguration, The dam was the fifth in Europe and ninth in the world. As experts say, is a double curved dam, with a height of 166.6 meters and a length of 307 meters crown. At night, the outline is electrically lit, so you can see from the plane.
Access to dam is on the eastern shore of the lake, the road climbs to Balea. From the end of the dam, turn left can go to Cumpana depression. Tourists can climb the platform to admire the beauty surrounding Belvedere.

Also, the mountain is the statue of Prometheus Pleasa with lightning in his hand as a symbol of electricity, made by sculptor Constantin Popovici. A few hundred meters from the wharf where the dam is organized recreational boat racing. For extreme sports enthusiasts, the barrage was arranged highest launch pad for bungee jumping.

People in the area who have worked to build the huge mountain remember that conditions were difficult and there were many who died. Nobody really knows the number. In some documents talking about 80 workers died in accidents in the other 20. The fact is that after more than 40 years, The dam attracts thousands of tourists, even foreigners, who remain baffled by this monument of engineering technology.

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