The Egg Museum - details and images

The collection belongs to Prof. Letița Orşivschi, a Romanian artist recognized nationally and internationally, representative of Romania at international fairs, exhibitions and exhibitions, multiple laureate at international competitions and collaborator of numerous museums and cultural institutions from the country and abroad.
The eggs in the museum are arranged in 45 shop windows distributed in 3 rooms, the museum being structured on several sections:
-eggs from Bucovina (some between 50 and 100 years old),
-eggs from other areas of Romania,  international collection (traditional eggs from 82 countries of the world),
-creations of artists of different nationalities arranged by themes (eggs with religious, floral, abstract, perforated eggs, eggs with applications, etc.),
-the creations of the artist Letiitia Orşivschi,
-various eggs (porcelain, ceramic, glass, wood, stone eggs).
In the collection there are also rare eggs, such as emu, nandu, tinamu, turtle, crocodile, flamingo, but also very small eggs: gecko, partridge, sparrow, pigeon, swallow, quail, next to pheasant eggs, peacock, duck, goose, turkey, ostrich, etc.

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