The Emerald Buddha temple (Wat Phra Keo) - details and images

In the middle of Bangkok city, rises a lot of sacred buildings, they are in fact the spiritual heart of the whole country - the Kingdom of Thailand. The main temple was dedicated in 1782 the Emerald Buddha, the settlement is known as Wat Phra Keo. The entire complex contains the sacred shrines dressed in brightly colored reflective glass and mosaic, giving the impression of a fairytale land. Entrances are guarded by Yakchha, flat nose, giant creatures, frightening eyes and fangs strong point to potential aggressors.

Among them is Naga, the mythological serpent, and silhouettes of kinnari, creatures half woman, half bird. Here there is the Garuda, a winged creature with the torso of a man, head and legs of birds, which became the emblem of Thailand. The object of the temple remains revered Emerald Buddha, sitting cross-legged on top of a shrine in the main sanctuary, located in the southern part of the complex. It is a small jade statue, considered the protector of the whole country charm. Fostdescoperita statue in 1436 in a chedi (monument with the dome in which relics are preserved) in a northern city. It came to light when the dome that was cracked by lightning and immediately ordered a king nearby statue to be brought into the city.

Elephant carrying precious object was headed south stopping in another place. Seeing a sign that the king built a temple around it. Later the statue was transferred to Chiang Mai from where it was stolen by invaders from Laos. Was recovered in 1758 by General Chakkri who succeeded King Taksin, given the name Rama I. He founded the dynasty Chakkri which is today in power in Thailand and Bangkok city started building the Royal Palace and Wat Phra Keo in center.

In 1784 an impressive procession brought the statue in the sanctuary and sat on a throne with a canopy, on top of a bright altar that rises in steps up to a height of 10 meters. The altar is covered in blue mosaic and is placed on a platform adorned with golden Garuda and Naga snakes. Pilgrims, who is barefoot at the entrance gate of flowers and incense offerings, is placed on the marble floor, light incense and place flowers in front of each altar where they worship.

Most believers stop in front of the small Buddha, dressed in one of three gold suits who are changed after the season. Are superimposed over his head several umbrellas, becoming smaller. Around him are a number of gold objects: candlesticks, candles, little cups, but manages to overshadow everything green statue. Outside the sanctuary, on a high marble platform, the Golden Chedi are aligned with Mondop or library and the Royal Pantheon. Famous Chedi was built here during the reign of Rama IV (1851-1868) and they say that houses some of Buddha's breastbone.

Interior courtyards surrounded by galleries, decorated with frescos 170, Ramakien epic depicting a Thai version of the Hindu epic Ramayana, written over 2,000 years urma.Totul urge to meditation but nothing can be compared with the fascination they have on everyone who walks this little Emerald Buddha. Surrounded by a strange light, closed his glass box, creates a magical effect, polarizing thoughts and feelings, many souls being found himself despite the surrounding chaos.

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