The Iron Gate Museum - details and images

The Iron Gate Museum is one of the most important institutions in Romania, taking into account, first and foremost, the value of the museum's heritage (about 90,000 mobile cultural assets), as well as the advantages offered by the immense historical-tourist potential. represented by ancient and medieval monuments, the ruins of which are still visible today.
The Iron Gates I hydroelectric power station is the largest hydroelectric power station on the Danube river and has an installed power of 1080 MW. Downstream there is also the Iron Gates II hydroelectric plant, with the installed capacity of 250 MW. It is one of the largest hydro-technical constructions in Europe and the largest on the Danube. The accumulation lake comprises 2.3 trillion cubic meters of water, and through its formation were flooded lands and localities (10 on the Romanian shore and 7 on the Serbian shore) railways, roads, bridges, bridges but also historical monuments.

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