The Lake Atanasovsko - details and images

Lake Atanasovsko or Lake Atanasovo is a salty coastal lake north of Burgas, Bulgaria, located in the immediate vicinity of the Black Sea. The lake is about 5 km long and divided into two by a strip of sand in the middle. The lake is known especially for the diversity of flora and fauna and is surrounded by marshes and canals that drain the entire local basin into the sea.
Due to the high salt content, 40,000 tons of salt are obtained per year.
The northern part of the lake, a natural reserve since 1980, is connected by a channel to the Black Sea, while the southernmost one, which is used mainly for salt production, is a buffer zone to the reserve. A road linking Varna with Burgas passes through the sandy strip in the middle of the lake.
The lake is home to over 230 species of vascular plants, 7 of which are endangered in Bulgaria. It is also inhabited by Etruscan pygmy, the smallest mammal in the mass. Lake Atanasovsko is home to the largest flamingo colony in Bulgaria.

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