The Naval Museum - details and images

The Naval Museum offers its visitors a unique journey through the traces of the maritime historical heritage.
The museum reflects both heroic moments of military glory and the individual destinies of Bulgarian sailors, and the history of the Bulgarian military and commercial fleet is traced through models of ships, uniforms, prizes, personal items, navigational tools. The museum periodically presents works by marine artists.
The reconstructions of the 18th century gun deck and the seabed will make your visit here unforgettable. In Bulgaria, only at the Naval Museum, you can see the bow between the pieces of ships from different periods, the equipment from the water plane in the Second World War Arado 196.
In the courtyard of the museum are located larger exhibitions, cannons, various boats used by the Bulgarian navy, helicopters.
In this courtyard you can admire the Drazki ship, a torpedo launcher which is the symbol of the museum, being one of the few warships of Bulgaria from the beginning of the 20th century.
The Drazki warship was launched on the water in 1907, and the first mission of the ship took place on January 5, 1908.
The first steps for the establishment of the Maritime Museum have been made since 1883, when the collection of old marine objects in the city of Russia began, by the officers of the Danube fleet. The first public exhibition of the Maritime Museum in Varna was founded on May 20, 1923.

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