The Roman - Catholic - Satu Mare - details and images

Satmar parish church was raised to the Cathedral by Bishop István Fischer, this has required increasing and broadening the church. To extend the first church nave was demolished old church facade and tower on the north side. Nave has again extended to 7 m long by 37.2 m and a width of 12.1 m and 11.8 m height and the sanctuary was expanded. The new sanctuary has a length of 16.8 m, 9.20 m wide, and ends in a semicircular Apsis.

In front of the church was built a new facade, huge (with a height of 15.8 m) that includes the choir today, and on both sides of the front two towers were built in around them with iron balconies, towers are adorned with a round dome, tower height is 40 m. During Klobusitzky Peter's ward building was completed vestry. The oratory was built over one parish vestry and the vestry over the canons. During this time construction was completed crypt beneath the sanctuary and sacristy canons.

Today's final form of the cathedral dates from the time of Ham ward János.El built portico adorned the facade before he sat on the front of the statue of Christ and to the right and left of the statue of the apostle Sf.Petru Sf.Paul Apostle's statue, and in niche Stephen King beneath the towers and statues of King St. Ladislas.

The main altar of the church was made of marble by the sculptor Toman Felix.Pictura Cararra on the altar painted in Laibach show ascension of Jesus Christ. This was done in oil by painter pesky Gabor 1837.Piatra altar in Justin and Modest preserve the relics of saints.

In the nave of the church (right) is the altar of St. Stephen, left the shrine of St. Ioan.Ambele (and others in the church) are made of imitation marble gray. The stones of the altar containing the relics of saints Benedict Vetustus, that Justin Celestin, Crescent and Benedict.
The walls of niches in the nave of the church of the last poles are located (south side) St. John the Nepomuc altar and altar in the north of St. Alois.

First stone altar contains relics of saints Coloman, Crescent and Concordia, and the other saints Vetustus and Justin.
Beneath the tower was built south of St. Mary of Lourdes shrine by Bishop Dr. Schlauch Lorinc. To the north, under the choir, the chapel was built in 1960 St. Anton.

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