The ruins of the Royal Court - Bacau - details and images

Residence of Alexander, son of Stefan the Great, during 1481-1496, the royal court in Bacau was during this period the administrative, organizational control and the Netherlands. Itinerant character of the reign resulted in Moldova, as the Romanian Country, the emergence of temporary royal courts. Here Mr. put up in some political circumstances or to attend the trial. Some of these courts have served as the residence of the son named after the throne.

Documents time offers no descriptions of the Royal Court, nor establish the time of its establishment or one that was destroyed.
Supposedly, royal house was discovered after the first campaign of excavations and the material traces of civilization led to the conclusion that the building was erected in the second half of the fifteenth century.

The house has a rectangular plan, with exterior dimensions of 17.90 x 8.50 m. The entire building is still preserved only basement, composed of two rooms.
Large room has four pillars disposed on the longitudinal axis, with a role in supporting the arches of the vault. Of these, two are stand-alone, which meets the perimeter of the room, while the other two walls are ADOS describing small side.

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